BudgEat® Seller helps anyone looking to sell stuff on Social Media (WhatsApp), make a Catalog of items with a smart link.
That can be shared to Friends, Customers, Colleagues and specific Groups on WhatsApp.

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Easy, yet powerful

BudgEat® Seller allows you to easily manage your product inventory by

  • Creating an Item
  • Entering a price
  • A description and an image, or multiple images

Which you can then, share and track interest on WhatsApp for a quick sale.


🧦 Unlimited Products

Upload as many products as you like, or a line of your own creation

🚀 Large Reach

Send your products to one person or blast it to a large group

📊 Track Items

Know which item is generating the most interest

🗃 Inventory Management

Add/remove products easily. Your customers will always see your latest updates even after you send an item

📲 Share Link

Easily share products with a preview link on WhatsApp

💵 Payments

Share a (Paypal.me) link to a customer for direct payment of an item

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