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BudgEat aims to redefine the way traditional loyalty programs work and allow food vendors of varying scopes (small-large) to advertise in the most natural way possible; through word-of-mouth.

We get this done through the process of Gamifying, aided by the sharing of meals and trivia; each time a user participates in one of these activities, they earn one instant point *.

Each instant point represents $0.50 and can be cashed in for physical goods or services, from our Partnered Food vendors.

The emphasis on word-of-mouth advertisement is very important to us due to the fact that

“it's one of the most credible forms of advertising because a person puts their reputation on the line every time they make a recommendation and that person has nothing to gain but the appreciation of those who are listening – Entreprenuer.com

Why Mobile loyalty?

With all the problems surrounding today’s societies, why did we choose mobile loyalty as our main focus? The answer to this is simple. We love the idea of loyalty cards, rewards and getting back from a business which we have created value for.

Most businesses try to give back to its customers in one way or another. Many still follow the traditional route and do this through a loyalty program, however, the way in which loyalty programs have been crafted and manipulated for instant gratification to us is extremely disheartening.

“Now-a-days, we the younger generation, want things fast... Instant....”

A loyalty card which makes a customer wait 20+ punches to gain at the most a free drink, doesn't quit grab our attention or do the trick.

At BudgEat, we have flipped the concept on its head by making your loyalty points worth MORE. Within the BudgEat mobile app, once a customer shares a meal (at any food vendor in your location), they automatically receive a point. After accumulating a set number of points, the customer can then redeem those points for, BudgEat items (Goods) or Services (In the future).

A bit of History

  • BudgEat was originally named "Get's you what"!
  • After the cancellation of Bagit app, BudgEat was founded by Austin Lazarus in 2016
  • The Developer was awarded #6 Caribbean Innovator of the year – 2016

- Footnote

Instant point: Is the definition we've devised for Points allocated to a user from any of our in-app activities, which can be redeemed for Goods or Services in the quickest way possible.