Q & A with the founder of OnlyDom

Posted by admin 05, Dec 2018

OnlyDom (onlydominican.com) is Dominica's premier Car enthusiast online Magazine. It's not just a website, it's a movement and a well recognized brand here in Dominica, amoung Vehicle owners and Admirers. If you've never seen the sticker on vehicles while passing in traffic or just walking in town, well this is what it's all about.

I've always wanted to have a chat with OnlyDom's founder Edmund Robinson (Scientist), becauce the founder and I share a very similar story.

The comparison is in the conceptualization and building of our online presence. By learning the right technologies and programming languages (Him with Php -- Me with Python), we were able to do it ourselves; build our own websites from scratch.

Creating these online platforms wasn't always functional and so polished, as you see now. And as it wasn't a subject, yet taught in schools, in Dominica, Edmund had to learn Php (Hypertext Preprocessor, server-side scripting language designed for Web development) on his own to build the site OnlyDom that he had always dreamt of.

Like with all projects, it wasn't as easy starting off, as he might have thought. He had to hack things together to get the site working.

"... Had written a lot of small scripts over the years to aggregate data from the forums to present on the website front end..."

Then to obtain a domain for the site, it was
" ... extremely difficult ..."

So we had to use onlydominican.vze.com

Now, the modern, beautifully themed Black and White, Onlydom online magazine has a more professional domain, onlydominican.com, and is way passed the hacked job it use to be.

The below are Five(5) questions we asked Edmund Robinson about OnlyDom:

1. When was OnlyDom founded?

We actually started in October of 2001... Though I admit we have been dormant for quite some time

2. What made you come up with the brand, OnlyDom?

At the time I was checking out some of the other Caribbean and world offerings like trulylucian, trinituner, justbajan etc and wanted a name that represented the scene in Dominica.

3. How did you take it (OnlyDom) from an idea, to a well recognized brand within the automotive community, here in Dominica?

Patience and outliving all other competitors. We decided from the get go to have our features be of an international level. Which meant we had to step up our photography, design and writing

4. What advice would you give to other young Entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own brands?

Start producing. The sooner you begin implementing your idea, even if you are in the early stages, the more opportunity you have to capture that initial market. After you start keep at it. It takes a lot of work.

5. Finally, what was the idea behind the car stickers. And did you think it would have taken off so well?

Well the stickers were all part of the larger vision to get people to feel part of the movement and show their support. We've tried it in the past but pricing and accessibility to the stickers were a problem. This time around we found a cost effective way to produce the stickers and distribute to everyone


We extend a big thanks to Edmund for taking the time out to answer and participate in this article. And if you own a vehicle and want to support the OnlyDom movement, you can buy a Bumper sticker here on their website.