It takes a Million years to get Food at Flavors Grill... But why though!

Posted by admin 21, Aug 2018

Flavors Grill is the Food place, people in Dominica would love to hate


By all accounts, getting Food at Flavors Grill takes ages. Everybody who visits this backyard style, Bar-B-Que -esk, Homemade, Outdoor Food restaurant all have this one complaint.

Boy them man slow

The last time I was at Flavors Grill, someone in the line with me literally left, saying "Best I go KFC". After 10 minutes, that same person walked pass with a HUGE smile on their face, and a KFC bag in their hand. 

Still, People always seem to go back to Flavors Grill. WHY! 

Because the Food is Good. I would argue it's one of the best Homemade Food you can find in Roseau. From juicy steam Fish to mouth-watering Bar-B-que Ribs, and there are options, lots of options. 

Now however, here is where I see the problem with Flavors Grill. 

  • There are just too many options to choose from. Don't get me wrong, choices are great, but too many choices can alter the way human beings process information and lead to indecision. Don't believe me? Here's what the experts have to say ...
    Too many choices exhaust us, make us unhappy and lead us to sometimes abscond from making a decision all together -  Researcher Barry Schwartz

    So what I am getting at here is that, the more choices there are on a menu, the longer it takes to decide what you want to eat and the longer the wait for other people in the line. 

  • Their Business process is a MESS... Currently (And this is all based on observation) the same employee(s) who attends to you is the same employee who puts your meal together and cashes for that meal. And there's roughly three (3) employee doing this. Which should be a good thing, but the process doesn't work.

I am no expert, but for the above two (2) problems, here is how I would solve it.

  • A complete Redesign of the menu. Currently this is how the menu looks like
  • Flavors Grill menu

  Not at all attractive to say the least ... 


To solve this ... I would compile a bunch of meal options (From what Favors Grill customers usually order), capture some images and nicely design an Order board where each item has a number assigned to it. 

Something like this: 

Flavors Grill new menu

So for example, a #8 would have a picture of a Bar-B-Que rib meal with some Bar-B-Que source on top, a small drizel of onions, Fried Dasheen and a Corn on the cub (My personal favourite).

The next time a customer goes to Flavors Grill, all they ask for is a #8... Simple, fast and to the point.

  • The Business process issue ... 

First of all. Three (3) employees should not be taking orders, putting your meal together and still be cashing (Money has germs)... That's a recipe for disaster.

If I was the owner of Flavors Grill I would restructure the process as follows:

  • One (1) employee for taking Orders (Both on spot and on call, but Orders on call should be up to a certain time of day e.g. 8AM - 11AM period)
  • Three (3) employees for putting meals together (One could be at the front, for alrea dy prepared meals, and two, closer to the kitchen for meal items that needs to be prepared)
  • Two (2) - Three (3) Cooks ... A cook shouldn't be putting meals together and or taking Orders ... Leave the c ooks work their magic ... period
  • Something like this:

    BudgEat Food ordering process

So, for instance ... 

A customer enters Flavors Grill, ask for a #8. The attendant writes down the order on an Order sheet, and calls the order up. 

Another employee looks up the order and starts to put that order together, some items from the front, then passes it along with the Order sheet to someone at the back for the Meat and maybe some final dressing .

The final step... The cashier collects the Order (Already packaged) and hands it to the customer, where the customer would have already paid and now, can go about their business.

5 mins... if all that


The process could still be simplified further, with BudgEat's Ord er ahead app + - The customer would order (ahead of time) at their leisure, at home or the office, and possibly pay right away all through the app.

Then simply collect, when it is ready with a pu sh notification from Flavors Grill ...

Or a custom BudgEat monitor display (Setup at Flavors Grill), so a customer doesn't have t o think too hard on what to order (wasting other people's time in the line).

To be honest, Flavors grill is one of my favorite Food places in Roseau, but they really need to speed things up... Trust me