Business Ideas to replace Ross University

Posted by admin 15, Aug 2018

There has been a lot of talk about Ross University's departure from Dominica in the past few days, a lot of talk.. 

Yet, the most pertinent question remains, what will become of the economic state in the north of the island?

Picard, Portsmouth the location of the above mentioned University campus, was a prominent Business hub of Restaurants, Apartment complex and various Businesses alike. Benefitting from the influx of foreign exchange, the Students, Professors and Personnel who resided in the area.

With that gone, a lot of local Businesses will feel it's effect. Yet, we believe all is not lost. If the Government of Dominica, or some miraculous big time VC could come up with some alternative business ventures as a possible replacement, Portsmouth economy could return to where it once was.

Below we've complied a list of possible Business ventures that could be set up in Ross University's absence :

A Mall complex with Boutiques, Restaurants, Foreign franchises and tourism Duty free shops

Uwi extension

Specialized Hospital

A Cinema...

A theme park

Let us know what else you think could be added to this list and let's build back with Action and less Talk...