Earn INSTANT points through crowd-sourced advertising

BudgEat is the only app in the region that allows you to earn points (Instant points) you can collect and then redeem for prizes, coupons, specials, etc. Instant Points are gained by sharing Meals at great bargain, and participating in the BudgEat weekly Trivia. BudgEat helps Foodies gain Rewards, and Businesses advertise their meals in one single app.

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  • “ This app actually does everything it says and does it well, with style. ”
  • “ Dominicans have talent, yessi”
  • “ It’s official – I love this app, and the concept behind it”


The BudgEat TIMELINE showcase a feed of user submitted meals suggestions, they have found to be of a great bargain in their area.



MEALS is simple an Instagram type feed of Meals one can find around Dominica


Menu (*New)

MENU is BudgEat's Food Ordering and Logistics feature that saves both users and Businesses time on something simple as just knowing what lunches are available and placing an order with just a click of a button